Installation | Gula Husid (yellow house)/Reykjavík/Ísland

*búálfur, isl. = goblin; likes to live in the neighbourhood of men


This radiorecorder was brougth from the continent to Iceland.

Still working well in Germany, the tapedeck stopped working soon after its arrival in Reykjavík: all tapes could only be played in a very slow velocity, which sounded very spooky (like „… whoooaauoooaooooa …“).

A mistery.


While reading the „Elfen-Post“ (álf-posturinn), published for the first time in the german newspaper „taz“ (year 7342; issue 2.633.120) my attention was drawn towards the invisible inhabitants of Iceland:

Had magical spirits take possession of my tape-recorder?
Had ELVES found a new home in there?

It’s well known, that elves and gnomes like to live in the company of men. A reasonable explanation for the strange behaviour of the radiorecoder!

So please pay attention and show respect!!

WE are not alone!

takk fyrir!


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